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Geared for All-Round Growth


(i) Types of Input

While the preferred input is a Higher Degree of BITS or its equivalent, our Academic Regulations do permit the admission of students with only a first degree from our institute or its equivalent and also of students between these two extremes. Additionally, professionals of high standing and proven practical competence equivalent to the course-work of a higher degree can also be considered for admission. In such cases competence will be evaluated through considering published papers, technical reports, etc.


(ii) Qualifying Examination

Every student admitted to On-Campus Ph.D. must pass the Qualifying Examination. The exam is based on the courses of a higher degree programme, which the candidate has earlier pursued or on named courses from higher degree programmes from our institute. The Qualifying Examination tests the student's knowledge, grasp of fundamentals and ability to apply them in novel situations. The exam is designed to be equivalent to the standard, content and intent of the comprehensive examination of the named courses.

Admission to On-campus Ph.D. programme is provisional in the first instance and is confirmed only after passing the Qualifying Examination within the prescribed time. Candidates who are unable to pass the Qualifying Examination within the prescribed time are automatically discontinued from the programme.


(iii) Seminar

In the majority of cases a Ph.D. student registers every semester in a Seminar course or in the In-dependent Study course.


(iv) Course Work

The detailed list of the various courses that are mandatory or optional for Ph.D. students are described in the Academic Regulations. In the majority of cases, this course work consists of courses which are required to be completed for a higher degree programme at our institute. The Qualifying Examination is also conducted on the basis of these courses. Departure from these normal situations is described in the Academic Regulations.


(v) Teaching Practice

There are two courses of Teaching Practice mandatory for every Ph.D. student. These courses attempt to train the students in the art, methodology and skill of teaching. Alternatively, Dean R & C may permit a student to register in Practice Lecture Series courses.


(vi) Language Requirement

A foreign language can be prescribed as an eligibility requirement for a Ph.D. only when the supervisor and/or the Dean Research & Consultancy have made recommendations for the same for a particular topic of research. Every recommendation must be ratified and accepted by the Research Board. 

A Ph.D. student for whom foreign language is prescribed is expected to demonstrate an ability to translate a piece from current periodicals in one of the modern European languages into English with the help of a dictionary.

In most cases English or an Indian language, as the case may be will suffice as choice of language.


(vii) Fellowships and Scholarships

All students admitted to Ph.D. Programme normally bring one or other fellowship from outside sources such as UGC, CSIR, MNES, Nokia etc. However, we have ample resources intended to take care of needs not covered by these sources.

Grants and Sponsorships

This year the Institute continued its ongoing projects and took up certain new projects for the development of various laboratories. Different Government agencies sanctioned these projects and provided grants for them.

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