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Department of Chemical Engineering

Innovate. Achieve. Lead
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The Department of Chemical Engineering at BITS-Pilani, Pilani Campus is one of the premier departments in the country that provides a unique educational and research environment. We have a major emphasis on interdisciplinary and industrial collaborations. Our primary missions are to educate undergraduate and graduate students, and to discover and disseminate knowledge through research.
The Department is committed to achieving excellence in these activities, and evaluates the success and leadership of its programs using the highest standards of quality, innovation, & visibility, while at the same time providing a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Our goal is to provide to our students strong fundamentals complemented by professional skills including communication. Our other important goal is to produce students and faculty who will become leaders in their areas.
Vision: To excel in teaching/learning, innovative research and industry engagement and to disseminate the same in order to become a world leader in chemical engineering and allied interdisciplinary areas.
  • To impart quality education and training in chemical engineering and associated fields to enable the students to imbibe technical and analytical skills through the culture of logical and critical thinking.
  • To inculcate sense of social and environmental responsibility among students which inspires them to apply chemical engineering principles in solving industrial problems through sustainable and eco-friendly technologies for the betterment of industry and nation. 
  • To establish modern infrastructure and conducive research environment for carrying out academic and sponsored research.
  • To foster spirit of excellence and professional leadership in students and faculty members through exposure to leading academic institutions, research organizations and external experts.
  • To generate suitable opportunities for sustained interaction and collaboration with academia and industry.

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The department is capable of undertaking contract research projects sponsored by a company, commercial organization or institution with a predefined work scope and schedule.  We also can work closely with companies to define project goals and tailor the project to meet specific needs.
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We offer several courses under First Degree, Higher Degree, and Doctoral Programmes. The course details can be accessed here.

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Student Activities

The following are some association formed by Chemical engineering students on campus :


Ph.D. Admissions

Applications are invited for Ph.D. First Semester, 2024–2025. 


Detailed List of Research Topics


Department Brochure

Please Click Here to apply on the online portal
Application Deadline: 29-April-2024
For more details, please visit: 


Latest News

Dr. Jay Pandey received funded project from DST-SERB under SURE scheme, titled, “Investigating membrane degradation and its mitigation for enhancing the performance of green hydrogen powered proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC)”
Dr. Somak Chatterjee (PI) and Prof. Surajit Pande received funded project worth 16 Lakhs 
Title: Use of distillery and domestic wastewater to generate hydrogen and development of a prototype thereof.
Agency: Lightatom Electrolyzer
Dr. Mohit Garg was awarded Startup Research Grant (SRG) from Science and Engineering Research Board (SERB) for the topic, "Biodegradable, Flexible and Printable Ambipolar Organic Field-Effect Transistors Based on Cellulose and Naphthalenediimide Co-polymer."

Amount 32.49 Lakhs for a period of 2 years.



Prof. P.N Sheth and Mr. Pratik Sharma received Best Paper Award at International Conference on Sustainable  Energy and Clean Technologies at Pandit Dindayal Energy University on September 3, 2022.
Dr. Somak Chatterjee was awarded IEI Young Engineers Award 2021-22  in the Chemical Engineering discipline. The award consists of a Plaque and a Certificate which will be presented during the inaugural session of the 37th National Convention of Chemical Engineers to be held in Chennai on September 09, 2022. 
Chatterjee S, Etika K, Krause A, Hahn DL, Sahni H, inventors; Mks Vision LLC, assignee. System and method for detecting lead in water. United States patent US 11,371,978. 2022 Jun 28. Link 
Dr. Jay Pandey was awarded Prof. Vikas Rastogi Memorial Award for best paper presented during 3rd International Conference on Recent Advances in Materials held at Delhi Technological University, Delhi during 8-9, July 2022. Congratulations!


Dr. Somak Chatterjee and Prof. Banasri Roy received an industrial consultancy project worth 8.0 Lakhs. 


Dr. Sarbani Ghosh is awarded Startup Research Grant (SRG) by DST-SERB. 

Grant amount: 32.989 Lakhs. 


Dr. Somak Chatterjee is awarded Startup Research Grant (SRG) by DST-SERB.

Grant amount: 27.379 Lakhs. 


Prof. Banasri Roy, Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering is awarded SERB-POWER (Promoting Opportunities for Women in Exploratory Research) Fellowship by Department of Science and Technology.

Recent Publications and Patents

  • Sharma, P., Sheth, P.N. and Mohapatra, B.N. "Co-processing of petcoke and producer gas obtained from RDF gasification in a white cement plant: A techno-economic analysis", Energy, Vol. 265, pp. 126248, 2022. Link

  • Priya Tanvidkar, Aditya Jonnalagedda, Bhanu Vardhan Reddy Kuncharam, Fabrication and testing of Mixed Matrix Membranes of UiO-66-NH2 in Cellulose Acetate for CO2 separation from model biogas. Journal of Applied Polymer Science. 2022, e53264, Link

  • Yash Katakia, Satyadevan Kanduri, Ritobrata Bhattacharyya, Srinandini Ramanathan, Ishan Nigam, Bhanu Vardhan Reddy Kuncharam*, Syamantak Majumder*, Angular difference in human coronary artery governs endothelial cell structure and function, Communications Biology, 5 (1), 2022. Link

  • Pandey, B., P.N. Sheth and Prajapati, Y.K. "Tar cracking enhancement by air sparger installation in the combustion zone of the downdraft gasifier", Biomass and Bioenergy, Vol 166, pp. 106620, 2022. Link

  • Pandey, B., P.N. Sheth and Prajapati, Y.K. "Air-CO2 and oxygen-enriched air-CO2 biomass gasification in an autothermal downdraft gasifier: Experimental studies", Energy Conversion and Management, Vol. 270, pp.116216, 2022. Link.

  • Mishra, D., Singh, S. K., Adhikari, A., & Chatterjee, S. (2022). Polyaniline and polypyrrole impregnated polyethersulfone based composite polymer beads for defluoridation application. Journal of Environmental Chemical Engineering, 10(5), 108283.

  • Acharya, S., Dandigunta, B., Harsh Sagar, Rani, J., Priyadarsini, M., Shreyansh Verma, Kushwaha, J., Fageria, P., Lahiri, Pratik, Chattopadhyay, P., Abhishek, Dhoble, S. Analyzing Milk Foam Using Machine Learning for Diverse Applications. Food Analytical Methods 2022, 1, 1–14. Link.

  • Pandey, B., Prajapati, Y. K., & Sheth, P. N. (2022). CFD analysis of the downdraft gasifier using species-transport and discrete phase model. Fuel, 328, 125302. Link.

  • Chatterjee S, Etika K, Krause A, Hahn DL, Sahni H, inventors; Mks Vision LLC, assignee. System and method for detecting lead in water. United States patent US 11,371,978. 2022 Jun 28. Link

  • Kannan, Janani and Sande, Priya C.. "Reinterpretation of the Geldart A powder classification based on Eulerian–Eulerian CFD simulation" International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering, vol. , no. , 2022. Link. (online).

  • Patel, V. B.

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