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Learning Excellence
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The oldest of the four BITS Pilani campuses, the Pilani campus currently houses 13 departments spanning the gamut of pure science, applied science, humanities and management. Each of these departments is notable for their excellent faculty, the curriculum offered, the research it conducts and the number of sponsored projects the department has won.

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Biological Sciences

The Department of Biological Sciences came into being in 1969, when the institute merged the Botany and the Zoology Departments. We provide quality education to our students by encouraging them to engage with industry and involve themselves in research driven projects. Our strong research focus led to founding the Centre for Biotechnology in association with the Departments of Biology, Pharmacy, Chemistry and Computer Sciences. This Centre is actively funded and supported technically by Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, Bethesda, Maryland, USA.

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Chemical Engineering

Recognised as one of the premier institutions for Chemical Engineering in the country, we provide our students a unique educational and research environment. In keeping with our policy of encouraging all-round development in them, we have extensive interdisciplinary and industrial collaborations. The friendly and supportive environment, the highly challenging projects that students and faculty work on together, the strong fundamentals that the students imbibe, which are complemented by professional skills all contribute to produce students and faculty who become leaders in their fields.

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Established in 1944,we are one of the oldest departments on the campus. The department has grown with strong research interests in the Organic, Inorganic, Bioorganic, Medicinal, Nanomaterial fields and more.

Equipped with a state of the art instrumentation facility, library and research laboratories, we are counted amongst the best departments for education in Chemistry across the country.

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Civil Engineering

We are one of the major engineering departments in the country, which has always led research from the front. Our faculty and through them, our students are involved in extensive research spanning topics such as Transportation, Geotechnical and Water Resources.

We also disseminate the knowledge we gather by regularly organising national conferences and workshops. We engage regularly with industry by providing refresher courses and distance learning options.

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Computer Science and Information Systems

The Computer Software industry has changed the way the world lives in the last few decades. Few other sciences have developed and changed as rapidly and as dynamically as Computer Science has.

Our mission to impart practical knowledge that caters to the rapidly changing needs and challenges of the Software Industry has enabled our graduates to solve real world problems with panache and finesse.

We offer four different degree programs:

  • BE (Hons.) Computer Science
  • ME Computer Science
  • ME Software Systems
  • Ph.D
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Economics and Finance

Since our inception we have been renowned for our emphasis on rigorous scholarship and real world relevance. Our faculty, apart from teaching and pursuing research, also contribute in consultancy and training manpower to industry as well as the Government.

With the integration of financial markets across the globe, as well as the economic development our country, the demand for professionals with a finance background is on the rise. In response to Industry’s demand for finance, economics and entrepreneurship as an integrated input, we propose to set up a Centre for Analytical Finance, which would strengthen existing programmes and increase research efforts in these areas.

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Electrical & Electronics/Instrumentation

Innovation and creativity when combined with entrepreneurial ability and management skills are an unbeatable combination. It is this combination that we try to inculcate in both, our faculty as well as our students.

To this end we has established strong links with industry and with universities abroad, with whom we carry out our several research projects. Our work has given as recognition and a reputation for very high standards in education and research.

We have established a Technology Business Incubator Cell in the area of Microelectronics and Embedded System at the Institute with the Govt. Of India and are striving to become a centre of excellence in the field of Microelectronics, VLSI & related emerging areas.

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Humanities and Social Sciences

Our approach to language studies transcends literature and approaches it as an important means of communication. In the 50 years since our inception, we have grown into an important group with faculty having extensive research and academic experience.

We emphasize research in the following specializations:

  • Technical Communication, Feminism,
  • Computer Mediated Communication, Fiction,
  • Linguistic Studies, Indian Writing in English
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Older than independent India, we were established in 1944 as part of the then existing Birla Science College and were incorporated into the institute in 1964.

Our research interests cover a wide variety if topics such as Algebra and Analysis, Differential Equations and their applications, Discrete Mathematics and applications, Statistics and Operations Research, Mathematical Modelling etc. In order to extend our reach and to provide quality education in mathematics to professionals in various industries, we contribute substantially to the institute’s Work Integrated Learning Programme (WILP).

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Our curriculum teaches more than a set of skills. We teach our students a new way of looking at the world. The critical concerns of the global economy - from financial markets to climate change, from globalization to governance, in healthcare, in education, even in entrepreneurial activity - require management professionals who can draw on the complexity of the modern business environment to create solutions and seize opportunities. The BITS MBA core curriculum is designed around the cross-functional way contemporary organizations work. Throughout the curriculum, students and faculty approach problems by looking to the broadest possible circle of skills and resources to fashion innovative solutions. Similarly, ethical and moral considerations are factored into every situation, and not relegated to a separate course. Our faculty works together to deliver a seamless educational experience.

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Mechanical Engineering

With one of the most demanding curriculums of all the departments at the University, we attract exceptionally meritorious students from across the country. Our students are encouraged to involve themselves in research-based projects at all levels of education. We are a DST-FIST Sponsored (2002-2007) and UGC-SAP Sponsored (2007-2012) Department, which recognises our potential and our ability to carry out meaningful research that contributes to society and to the nation.

We offer two Integrated First Degree Programs and three Higher Degree Programs on campus apart from off campus programs under the continued education scheme.

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Founded by (Late) Prof. M. L. Schroff, considered the ‘Father of Pharmacy Education in India’ in 1950, we are one of the oldest schools of Pharmacy in the country. Our broad-based education system and university-industry linkages, which is the hallmark of BITS Pilani, also makes us one of the most sought after schools. Our Alumni do us proud and are well placed in industry, government organisations and academia.

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Our faculty have interests in varied fields ranging from experimental to theoretical aspects of condensed matter physics, optics, spectroscopy, image processing, and field theory and quantum computation. This enables us to offer our students guidance in research projects across these diverse topics.

Besides teaching the regular courses and guiding our students in their projects and thesis, one of our priorities is to disseminate the knowledge we gather through research by organising internal seminars. We also invite distinguished people from industry and other academic institutions regularly to the campus for interaction with our students and faculty.

An Institution Deemed to be University estd. vide Sec.3 of the UGC Act,1956 under notification # F.12-23/63.U-2 of Jun 18,1964

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