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Why Recruit from BITS

Come, Meet the Future Leaders

Why Recruit from BITS

The Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS), Pilani is an all-India Institute for higher education. The primary motive of BITS is to "train young men and women able and eager to create and put into action such ideas, methods, techniques and information".

What started in early 1900s as a small school, blossomed into a set of colleges for higher education until 1964 when all these colleges amalgamated to culminate into a unique Indian University of International standing.

1. Input Quality

All admissions to BITS are made on Merit basis. Admissions to Pilani, Goa and new Hyderabad campuses are made through a highly competitive common computer based online entrance test BITSAT.

  • A Canditate who scores 75% aggregate in PCM, with 60 marks in each is eligible for BITSAT.
  • Nealry 1,85,000 candidates compete for a total of 2000 admission seats (800 in Pilani Campus, 600 in Goa Campus and 600 in Hyderabad Campus) thorugh BITSAT every year.
  • More than 20 first rank students of different examination boards join BITS every year under 'Direct admission to First rank students' scheme.
  • BITS conducts its own Tests and Interviews for admission to its Higher Degree (ME) .A Minimum aggregate of 60% in the qualifying degree examination for All Programmes.

2. Academics

BITS education system is highly innovative and provides a lot of academic flexibilities.

  • Students can work for two degrees concurrently under 'Dual degree' scheme.
  • The emphasis on first two years in undergraduate studies is to inculcate a strong fundamental in Mathematics and Sciences.
  • Students across the disciplines undergo common courses like Computer programming, Workshop Practice, Engineering graphics, General Biology etc.
  • The course content are reviewed regularly to keep pace with the recent advancements around the world. 
  • Academics is meticulously organized. A complete day-by-day plan for the class room teaching program and evaluation scheme for the full semester is handed over to the students at the start of the semester.
  • The evaluation model is continuous internal evaluation and is very open. All exam papers including the final examination, are returned to the students after evaluation along with model solution. 
  • Students choose to do a Thesis or Practice School (Industrial Training) in their final year as a part of the curriculum.
  • A student obtains a relative grading for each course and his final CGPA is cumulative for the courses done at BITS in a 10 point scale.

3. Practice School : The Institute-Industry Linkage

  • The Practice School (Industrial Training as mentioned above) component is inducted into the course structure and almost all the students undergo this component which provides them a thorough exposure to the core industry and corporate experience.
  • Students have an option to select one out of the two semesters in their final year for the training of duration approx. 6 months.
  • In addition to this, all students are required to complete a two and a half month training during the summers of their second year in industry.
  • This PS-I and PS-II system at BITS is a unique and innovative strategy to groom the personal self of the students while gradually exposing them to the corporate and research world.
  • Almost all the major corporates, research facilities, institutes and well-known organisations are Practice School stations for BITS.

4. Faculty

  • We have versatile, professional and trained faculty in all disciplines.
  • Guest lectures from eminent personalities of the industry are frequently organised

5. Research & Development

BITS has a number of well equipped laboratories with state of the art facilities.

  • Many of these facilities are setup in collaboration with the Industrial giants and conglomerates like ISA, Motorola, Tata-IBM, CISCO, NOKIA, Philips, HP and several others. 
  • The Cypress Semiconductors laboratory at Goa Campus is the first of its kind lab in India under the Cypress University Alliance Programme of Cypress (USA).
  • Students gain valuable experience in the forefront of scientific research through project type courses and thesis work. 

6. All Round Development of Students

The Institute provides all the required facilities for sports and recreation to ensure overall development of every student.

  • Students operate various clubs existing on the campus for example Music Club, Astronomy Club, Photography club, Live Poets’ Society, Dance club, Mime club, BITS n Bytes Computer Club, Artificial Intelligence Club.
  • Internal organizations like the BITS Alumni Association, the BITS Embryo initiative and the Centre for Software Development, Linux User Group, Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership etc. at campus are all run responsibly by students of various years and batches in a professional manner.
  • The Students' Activity Centre is the nerve centre of all student activities on the campus. A number of literary and social activities take place on the campus throughout the year. 
  • Each year students organize an Inter-College Sports meet called ‘SPREE’, a national level cultural meet ‘WAVES’ and a technical cum academic festival, called ‘QUARK’.

7. Soft Skills

  • BITS educational system puts ample opportunities for development of Soft skill & Emotional Intelligence.
  • Many courses have mandatory class room presentation and group discussion components which help improve communication skill.
  • Many students learn foreign languages by enrolling in external courses like German, French etc. on campus. 

8. Alumni

  • BITS, Pilani is proud to have as its alumni a large number of illustrious and world renowned Engineers, Scientists and Entrepreneurs, Industry Leaders and Professors.
  • Numerous alumni are actively engaged in the Institute's affairs as volunteers, locally and across the world, through the Alumni Association, BITSAA. Adding value through alumni-student interactions such as the Mentorship Programme, BITS Embryo initiative etc.

9. Ranking

BITS is accredited (with the highest five-star rating) by the Government of India's National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC).
  • BITS is ranked among the top few Institutions in the country by aspiring candidates and recruiters.
  • Ranking by reputed magazines have always positioned BITS among the top few Institutions in the country.



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