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Events & Festivals

Enriching Campus Life
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Ever since its establishment in 2004, BITS Pilani, K K Birla Goa Campus has become a melting pot of Engineering Excellence and Industrial Innovation, synergizing the beauty of academic theory with the spark of practical experience. Following a model of curriculum that emphasizes on the academic-industrial linkage, our students are, in their process of learning and are exposed to the realities of the professional environment. A shining example of the implementation of this model is Quark. 


Quark, the annual science, technology and management festival of the BITS Pilani,  K K Birla Goa Campus has grown manifold since its humble inception in 2006. The fest has been graced by distinguished personalities from various fields, the likes of former president Late Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, Noble laureates Sir Harry Kroto (Chemistry,1996) and Prof. Douglas Osheroff (Physics, 1996),the Father of Wifi, Mr Vic Hayes, Professor Walter Lewin, Cartoonist Stephan Pastis, Founder of Stack Overflow Joel Spolsky, in addition to other leading innovators from the emerging sciences. With a plethora of events to challenge one’s expertise as well as palpate one's inquisitiveness, Quark sets the stage for face-offs between the best minds in the disciplines of Engineering, Science and Management. It organizes workshops in various technical and corporate areas, giving participants an opportunity to tread new fields by gaining hands-on practical knowledge from eminent professionals. Quark offers a platform to budding innovators to exchange ideas and showcase cutting edge research through special events.

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Ever since its inception, Spree, the campus Sports festival, has enjoyed a meteoric rise to the very top of the list. One of the most awaited annual sports festivals has managed to create a unique identity for itself among the plethora of such festivals that take place nationwide (almost all of which have been established much before Spree).


The Organizing Committee always strives to ensure that Spree climbs up the ladder of excellence every year with the most talented students from all across the country competing in an array of sporting events including Football, Cricket, Basketball, Tennis, Badminton, Squash and many more. Spree 2017 was bigger and better than ever before and was headlined by the ICC Cricket World Cup winning captains – the legendary Kapil Dev. Furthermore, popular comedians Abish Matthews and Sahil Shah, and crowd favorites Local Train set another dimension to the sports extravaganza by mesmerizing the audience with their performance.

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A fest meticulously ‘engineered’ to appeal to every sense of every attendee, Waves has undergone a monumental change over the last decade. Starting out as a small scale fest, it is now known all around the country for its wide array of events in addition to the glitzy stars it is known to attract. Its previous editions have seen mesmerizing performances by artists of national and international repute including international DJ Candice Redding, South African rock band AKing, the inimitable Shankar Mahadevan, talented music duos Salim-Suleiman, and Vishal-Shekhar, Blackstratblues, Baiju Dharmajan and Dead Letter Circus.


In addition to the plethora of events and the exuberant special nights performances, Waves witnesses host of informal events, workshops and activities including the popular Waves Ball, impromptu flash mobs, stimulating Virtual Reality set-ups, food challenges and lots more that topped off the Waves experience.

What participants take back from the festival is not limited to the live performances and the competitions they participate in but the truly eclectic and exhilarating atmosphere that the festival manages to create for three extremely memorable days.

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22nd of January, 2017 marked the 8th edition of TEDx BITSGoa, India’s longest running institutional TEDx event. Comprising of enthralling line-up of speakers including Piyush Mishra, Malaika Vaz and Sumeet Vyas, this edition of TEDx BITSGoa was one to cherish. 


The first speaker was Malaika Vaz, a 19 year old Goan who is also the youngest woman to have gone on both the Arctic and Antarctic expedition. Being the explorer, filmmaker and social entrepreneur that she is, Malaika went on to share her experiences and encounters with nature in her charismatic talk. Raul Rodriguez, a criminal intelligence officer at the Interpol, went next and engaged the audience in his talk about the art of deception. The third speaker, Pranav Lal, a cyber security analyst and a photographer, demonstrated how he manages to excel at his profession despite being visually impaired. Ulrike Reinhard, founder of the Janwaar Castle, spoke about how she managed to reinvigorate a rural village though skateboarding. 

Post the lunch break, theoretical physicist Suvrat Raju charmed the audience with his speech on the Black Hole Information Paradox. The audience was then enraptured by Sonam Wangchuk, the engineer, innovator and the inspiration behind ‘Phunsukh Wangdu’ from the movie ‘3 Idiots’. Talking about SEMCOL, a movement which is changing the landscape of education in Ladakh, Wangchuk received a standing ovation from the captivated audience. The penultimate speaker, Sumeet Vyas, then reflected on the theme ‘Rewired’ in his talk. The final speaker was the well-known actor, lyricist and poet, Piyush Mishra who mesmerized the audience through his talk which was delivered with such ease as though it was just another bit of poetry for him.

Overall, through its wide range of compelling speakers, TEDx BITSGoa succeeded in its goal of spreading innovative entertaining ideas. The event was organized by an entirely student run team and was certainly one to remember.

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Coalescence is a management festival, organised by the Center of Entrepreneurial Leadership, BITS Goa. It aims to provide a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas and innovations in the various competitions and workshops, held during the first week of September. One of the major attractions at Coalescence is the ACT conference, in which famous business persons and celebrities talk about their success stories. Previous editions of Coalescence have hosted speakers such as Rajat Sharma, Taapsee Pannu, Rahul Yadav and A Muruganantham.

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