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Department of Economics and Finance

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About Us

The Economics and Finance Department at BITS Pilani - K K Birla Campus offers M.Sc (Hons) Economics as a first degree, Minor in Finance and Ph.D. programme. The diversity of specializations of the departmental faculty has promoted multi-faceted research at the Department and has brought a certain depth to the courses as well. Along with research, the Department recognizes the growing demand for trained manpower in education, industry, government and other sectors as well as nurturing future researchers and specialists in related fields. The teaching methodology seeks to provide students with a strong theoretical and conceptual foundation and to create a continuous interest and involvement with the real life applications of of Economics, Finance and Management. Many of the students go on to do further studies, research and internships in fields related to economics and finance. Economics is of relevance to every individual. 


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The Department of Economics and Finance gives a platform to pursue research on topics related to Economics, Finance and Management. The department also encourages research on interdisciplinary topics.
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Programmes Offered

Department of Economics and Finance offers courses in almost all fields of Economics.

  1. M.Sc Economics
  2. Minor in Finance
  3. Ph.D. in Economics, Finance and Management 
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Faculty members bring learning from teaching in different type of institutions ranging from technology, management, and economics.

PhD Programme (Full-Time) | Academic Year 2022-23 (Semester- II)

Applications are Invited for Admission to the Ph.D. Programme in the Department of Economics and Finance (Full-time) for the First Semester of Academic Year 2023-24.
For details, pls. visit the following:
Admission Brochure (Semester II), 2022-23
Note: PhD in Management includes two major functional areas namely; Finance, Operations, Strategy and Marketing.

Recent Events

"Bloomberg Terminal" Installed in Behavioural Economics & Finance Lab (D-309/2).