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Seminar/Conference/Invited talk 


1:Prof. Taliyan delivered and invited talk in the best international university conference-Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT -USA), April 14, 2022.

2) Prof. Rajeev Taliyan, delivered a keynote lecture on "Insulin Resistance Associated Alzheimer’s Disease Condition in Rats is ameliorated via Autophagy and Epigenetic modulation, World Congress on Diabetes and Endocrinology 2022 (Virtual), March 7-8, 2022.

3)Prof. Rajeev Taliyan, delivered an Invited lecture on "Understanding the Dynamics of Epigenetic Regulation in Glioblastoma Multiforme; A focus on HDAC inhibition, Virtual Symposium on ‘Role of Epigenetics in Health: Challenges and Opportunities’ Supported by: DBT-BUILDER,Organized by: BITS-Pilani, Pilani Campus, 25th Feburary,2022

4)Prof. Rajeev Taliyan, delivered an Invited lecture on "Epi-immunomodulation as an Effective Therapeutic Approach for Cancer managements, Nirma University, Ahemdabad, Gujrat, Feb 22,2022

5) Prof. Rajeev Taliyan, a keynote speaker and delivered talk on "Lungs-Heart-Brain Interplay during and after COVID-19 infections" in an online conference organized  by  DIT University, Dehradun on June 19,2021.

6)Prof. Rajeev Taliyan, delivered a keynote lecture on “Epigenetic immunomodulation as an effective therapeutic approach for Cancer” “Virtual Conference Organized by Amity Institute of Pharmacy, Amity University Madhya Pradesh on March 16,2021

7)  Prof. Rajeev Taliyan, delivered a keynote lecture on "Gut- Brain- Heart Axis And Metabolic Syndrome" organized by IES University, Bhopal (M.P.)-India on 15/02/2021

8) Prof. Rajeev Taliyan and KC sarathlal . Exploring The Synergistic Potential if Rosiglitazone and Suberanilohydroxamic Acid In A Mouse Model Of Alzheimer Disease. Advance in Alzheimer and Parkinson Disease: 2nd AAT-AD/PD™. Vienna, Austria, (Virtual ). April 1-5, 2020

9)  Prof. Rajeev Taliyan . Moderate and chair the session : COVID transmission,  virulence and possible drug targets. Rayat-Bahra University Mohali, Punjab. May 15-18,  2020

10)  Moderate and chair the session: The role of brain pericytes in dementia and Alzheimer's disease, E-seminar on "Era of Interdisciplinary Sciences: Vitalize Future Research" Shoolini University. May 24, 2020


10)  Prof. Rajeev Taliyan delivered an invited talk on " Coronavirus pathogenesis, Challenges and possible drug targets: Focus on chloroquine in a Webinar “ COVID -19 challenges” SGMI, Etawa,Kanpur. May 11, 2020

11)  Prof. Rajeev Taliyan attended "Faculty Development Program: organized by IMT UNIVERSITY School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Meerut  held on June 9-13,2021.

12)  Prof. Rajeev Taliyan delivered an invited talk on "Epigenetic modulation in alcohol addiction: Putative role of histone deacetylase" at KIET School of Pharmacy, Ghaziabad on Feburary 24,2019.

13)  Prof. Rajeev Taliyan was Key Note speaker and delivered an invited talk on :Epigenetic modulation in Rheumatoid Arthritis: Putative role of histone -deacetylase" in a DBT Sponsored National Seminar at Maharishi Markandeshwar University, Ambala on 26th Feburary,2019


14)  Prof. Rajeev Taliyan delivered an invited talk on "Neuroprotective potential of epigenetics-based therapeutics in Alzheimer’s disease associated with metabolic syndrome" in an International Conf on Molecular Basis of Diseases and Therapeutics,2019 at Central University of Rajasthan, Ajmer, Rajasthan, on March 5-8,2019

15)   Prof. Rajeev Taliyan delivered a guest lecture on "Exploring epigenetics  based therapeutic targets for glioma" at Rayat Bahra University, Ropar, Punjab, on 24th June,2019.

16)   Prof. Rajeev Taliyan delivered an invited talk on "Can radiotracers be a diagnostic tool for Alzheimer’s type of dementia?" in a National Seminar sponsored by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, Mumbai (Govt of India), at Himachal Pharmacy College, Solan,H.P, on 13th Seprember,2019.

17)   Prof. Rajeev Taliyan participated and delivered an invited talk on "Neuroprotective effects of remote ischemic  post conditioning against cerebral ischemic injury: Role of NR2B receptor"in 5th IUPHAR World Conference on Pharmacology of natural product & 51st  annual Conf of IPS at ICMR-NIN,Hydrabad, on Decmber 5-7,2019


18)   Delivered an Invited lecture "Epigenetic Mechanisms in Neurodegenerative and Neurological Disorders" in a sponsored  Faculty Development Programme, KIET group of Institution, Ghaziabad, July 10,2017


19)   Attended, Poster Evaluation expert and LOC member of 69th Indian Pharmaceutical Congress, December 22-24,2017: Chitkara University, Chandigarh 


20)  Invited Lecture "Epigenetic Modulation and Dementia: Potential of Class specific HDAC inhibitors in ameliorating insulin resistance induced cognitive deficit in mice, Northern Regional conf of Indian Pharmacol          Society NRIPSCON-17,  September 1-2, 2017, KIET. Ghaziabad


21)  Invited Lecture: Rajeev Taliyan. Possible mechanisms and prospects of ischemic tolerance against cerebral      ischemia: from experimental strategies to clinical use, GLA University, Mathura, (U.P.),15-16 Feb-2104


22)  Invited Lecture: Taliyan R,The potential of Epigenetics-based therapeutics in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s       disease associated with metabolic syndrome, Emerging Trends in Pharmacological Research & Pharmacy       Practice, Rayat-Bahara University, Mohali, Punjab: October 16, 2015.


23)  Invited Lecture: Taliyan R, Role of metabolic syndrome and epigenetic modifications in disorders, Recent       advances in CNS drug discovery, Ram-Eesh Institute of Vocational and Technical Education, Greater Noida,       U.P: October 31, 2015.


24)   Invited Talk, Rajeev Taliyan"Is pharmacy a profession or a trade?" Regional Science Congress-2014, Navodaya       Vidyalaya Samiti, Kajra, Rajasthan, Nov-13, 2014


25)  Invited Lecture: Rajeev Taliyan, "Possible Mechanisms of Neuroprotective Effect of Remote Limb Ischemic       Preconditioning against Brain stroke.GLA University, Mathura, (U.P.), 16-17th  Feburary-2013


26)  Ramagiri S, Taliyan R, Neuroprotective effect of HDAC inhibitor against cerebral ischemic reperfusion injury,         3rd Middle East and North Africa Stroke Conference, Dubai, UAE: October 22-23, 2015 

27)   Sharma S, Taliyan R, Sodium Butayrate, a histone decetylase inhibitor, attenuate 6-hydroxydopamine induced       Hemi-parkinsonism in rats, International Conference, International society for neurochemistry with Australasian       Society for Neuroscience, Australia: August 23-27, 2015.


28)  Sharma S, Taliyan R, Histone deacetylase inhibitor improves learning and memory consolidation in high fat diet       induced cognitive deficit in mice IBRO-APRC/ISN-APSN Joint Advanced School, Korea Brain Research       Institute, Daegu, South Korea: September 14-20, 2015. (Oral) 


29)  First Prize: Rajeev Taliyan and Sharma P L. Protective effect of FeTMPyP, a peroxynitrite catalyst, against  STZ-        induced neuropathic pain behavior in rats.  Insight to the Evaluation of Natural  Products with Special Reference    to Anti-Obesity Drugs” held at Etawah, Won 1st Prize, Published By APTI-Bulletin, Vol-14,issue 78, Page-8,    Sept-oct, 2012


30)   Presented research paper under Prof. Manjeet Award category:  Taliyan R. Lithium chloride, a GSK3β inhibitor attenuates insulin resistance induced cognitive impairment in mice, IPSCON-Guwahati, 28-30 Dec.2014


31)  Taliyan R,Possible involvement of GSK-3β and mPTP in attenuation of the  cardioprotective effect of remote ischemic preconditioning in diabetic rat heart, Sir Madanlal Institute of  Pharmacy-Etawah, U.P, 17th Feburary- 2014


32)  Rajeev Taliyan, Sorabh Sharma. Lithium chloride, a GSK-3β inhibitor, restores the cardioprotective effect of  ischemic postconditioning in isolated diabetic rats heart,Maharishi Markandeshwar  University, Ambala-Haryana, 16-18 Oct-2014 (Oral)


33)  Taliyan R and Sharma P.L, Effect of  peroxynitrite catalyst (FeTMPyP) and  morphine alone and in combination       against STZ-induced neuropathic pain in rats, Recent Advances in Molecular Mechanism of Neurological       Disorder, AIIMS-New Delhi,21-23 rd Feb-2013


34) Rajeev Taliyan, and P.L sharma Anti-allodynic and anti-hyperalgesic effect of Thalidomide in exp neuropathic  pain UGC sponsored Conf.On Current status and challenge in pharmacy and health care, Chhatrapati Sahu Ji             University,Kanpur 28 March-2010 (Oral)

35)  Rajeev Taliyan, and P.L sharma Diabetic Neuropathy: Is Oxidative/Nitro-sative Stress a Unifying Mechanism       Involved in PDN. IHPA-ISF-Moga, Punjab 30-31 Oct-2010

36) Rajeev Taliyan, Manjeet Singh and P.L sharma Dextromethorphan, a NMDA receptor antagonist, prevents and       reversed existing morphine analgesic tolerance in rats. M.P Seminar ,Emerging trends and future in phramacy-          2020. Bundelkhand University,Jhansi,M.P March-2010  


37)  Rajeev taliyan,M.Singh and P.L Sharma Possible involvement of Spleen derived factor (s) in hyperglycemia  induced decrase antinociceptive effect of cannabinoids in mice. IPS-Kolkata 10-11 Dec 2009 Prize Session


38) Rajeev taliyan International Workshop on Next Gen tools in Life Sci.research and Education Ropar-Punjab 9-10  Nov 2009  


39) Harpreet Arora,Rajeev Taliyan, Manjeet singh and P.L sharma Anti-hyperglycemic Effect of Cannabis Extract in       Multiple low doses STZ Induced Experimental Diabetes in Mice.IPGA-Nov-2009 Nov-2009 (Poster)


40) Pritpal,Rajeev taliyan Amandeep,Vikas and Pawan Pharmacological Potential of anit-epeleptic Drugs and future       prospects. IPJA-Silver jublee Conf. 7-8 Nov 2009 (Poster)


41) Rajeev Taliyan and Manjeet Singh Mechanism of Cardio-protective effect of Remote aortic Preconditioning in Rats. Joint International Conf of Heart Research, Surat,Gujrat 13-15 Dec 2008 (Poster )


42) Rajeev Taliyan, Rajeev jhor and Harlokesh N Yadav. Role of Indigenous plant and their possible mechanism inExp  diabetic Model. Indian society of Pharmacognosy 23-24 Feb,2008 (Poster)


43) Rajeev Taliyan and Manjeet Singh  Pharmacological potential of remote ischemic preconditioning against heart failure AICTE-sponsered Seminar on Newer extraction and Standardization Tech for herbal drugs and       formulation 10-11March-2007 Poster 



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