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List of Publications:

  1. D. Kumar, A. Sharma, R. Taliyan, Maiko  T.  Urmera, Oscar H. Calderon, T. Heinbockel, S. Rahman, R. Goyal.(2022)  Orchestration of Circadian clock and its association with Alzheimer's disease: Role of Endocannabinoid signaling. Aging Research Reviews:73: 101533 (IF= 13.10).
  2.  Geetika Wadhwa, Kowthavarapu VK, Sunil K Dubey, Rajeev Taliyan (2023).Design and biological evaluation of Repaglinide loaded polymeric nanocarriers for diabetes linked neurodegenerative disorder: QbD-driven optimization, in situin vitro and in vivo investigation. International Journal of Pharmaceutics: 636 (IF=5.8)
  1. Violina Kakoty, Sarathlal Kc, Shobha Kumari, Chih-Hao Yang, Sunil K Dubey, Amirhossein Sahebkar, P. Kesharwani, Rajeev Taliyan (2023): Brain insulin resistance linked Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease pathology: An undying implication of epigenetic and autophagy modulation: Inflammopharmacology:31(2) : 699-716 (IF= 5.8)
  2. Pooja Gautam, Kamal Ajit, Moitreyi Das, Rajeev Taliyan, Ramaballav Roy, Arnab Banerjee (2023): Age‐related changes in gonadotropin‐releasing hormone (GnRH) splice variants in mouse brain: Journal of Experimental Zoology Part A: Ecological and Integrative Physiology: 339(2):193-209 (IF=2.8)
  3. Shobha Kumari, Rajeev Taliyan, Sunil Kumar Dubey (2023). A Comprehensive Review on potential signaling pathways involving the transfer of alpha-synuclein from the gut to the brain that leads to Parkinson's disease.ACS Chem Neuroscience (IF=5.0)
  4. Jui-Ming Sun, Ting-Lin Yen, Jing-Shiun Jan, Pharaoh Fellow Mwale, Ruei-Dun Teng, Rajeev Taliyan, Cheng-Ta Hsieh, Chih-Hao Yang (2023). Advances in Antibody-Based Therapeutics for Cerebral Ischemia, Pharmaceutics;15(1), 145 (IF=5.4)
  5. V. Kakoty, CH Yang, S.K Dubey, R. Taliyan  (2023). Exploring the Epigenetic Regulated Modulation of Fibroblast Growth Factor 21 Involvement in High Fat Diet Associated Parkinson’s Disease in Rats. ACS Chemical Neurosci (Accepted=IF=5.0)
  6. Pradhan.D, Biswasroy.P, Kulkarni. S, Taliyan. R, Pradhan.DK, Bhola.RK, Mahapatra. S,Ghosh.G Rath.G (2023) Identification of starvation-mimetic bioactive phytocomponent from Withania somnifera using in-silico molecular modelling and flow cytometry-based analysis for the management of malaria, Journal of Biomolecular Structure and Dynamics, DOI: 10.1080/07391102.2023.2201855 (IF=5.23)
  7. Taliyan R, Kakoty V, K.C. Sarathlal, Santosh S K, Chandrashekar R. K, Yogendra K Choudhary, Singhvi, G, Riadi Y, Dubey S.K,  Kesharwani P (2022) Nanocarrier mediated drug delivery as an impeccable therapeuticapproach against Alzheimer’s disease. J Controlled Release.   (IF=10.8).
  8. Pradhan, R.; Dey, A.; Taliyan, R.; Puri, A.; Kharavtekar, S.; Dubey, S.K. Recent Advances in Targeted Nanocarriers for the Management of Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Pharmaceutics 2023, 15, 246 (IF=5.42)
  9. V. Kakoty, S KC, SK Dubey, CH Yang, SA Marathe, R.Taliyan (2022). Epigenetic regulation and autophagy modulation debilitates insulin resistance associated Alzheimer’s disease condition in rats. Metabolic Brain Disease:37 (4), 927-944 (IF= 3.65)
  10. Wadhwa G , Krishna KV, Dubey SK, Taliyan R (2023) PEGylated Polymer Lipid Hybrid Nanoparticles to Enhance In Vivo Exposure and Uptake of Repaglinide in Brain Cells to Treat Diabetes Linked Neurodegenerative Disorders. ACS Applied Nano Materials (Accepted: IF=6.12)
  11. Pradhan R, .. Dubey SK, Puri A, Taliyan R (2022). Development and validation of a stability-indicating reversed-phase–high-performance liquid chromatography method for quantification of 2-[1-hexyloxyethyl]-2-devinyl pyropheophorbide-a from lipid-polymeric hybrid nanoparticles:. Separation Science Plus, 6:2200061.  
  12. V. Kakoty, CH Yang, S. Kumari, S.K Dubey, R. Taliyan (2022). Neuroprotective Effect of Lentivirus‑Mediated FGF21 Gene Delivery in Experimental Alzheimer’s Disease is Augmented when Concerted with Rapamycin. Mol. Neurobiol, 1-19 (IF=5.60)
  13.  KC Sarathlal; K. Violina; K.Kowthavarapu  Dubey S; D. Chitkara, Taliyan, R (2021). Neuroprotective Efficacy of Co-Encapsulated Rosiglitazone and Vorinostat Nanoparticle on Streptozotocin Induced Mice Model of Alzheimer Disease: ACS Chemical Neuroscience (IF=5.0)  
  14. Neha Dabholkar, Srividya Gorantla, Sunil Kumar Dubey, Amit Alexander, Rajeev Taliyan, Gautam Singhvi (2021):Repurposing methylene blue in the management of COVID-19: mechanistic aspects and clinical investigations: Biomed & Pharmaco (IF=7.42):142:112023
  15. Mantosh K Satapathy, Ting-Lin Yen, Jing-S Jan, Ruei-Dun Tang, Jia-Yi Wang, Rajeev Taliyan, Chih-Hao Yang (2021). Solid Lipid Nanoparticles (SLNs): An Advanced Drug Delivery System Targeting Brain through BBB. Pharmaceutics: 13 (8), 1183 (IF= 6.52)  
  16. Pooja Gautam,Kamal Ajit,Moitreyi Das,Rajeev Taliyan,Ramaballav Roy,Arnab Banerjee (2022). Age-related changes in gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) splice variants in mouse brain.J Exp Zool A Ecol Integr Physiol. 2022;1–17
  17. Y. Nitheesh; R. Pradhan; S. Hejmady; R.Taliyan, Gautam Singhvi; Amit Alexander; P. Kesharwani: Sunil K Dubey. (2021). Surface engineered nanocarriers for the management of breast cancer. Materials Science & Engineering C (accepted: IF =7.32) 
  18. G. Wadhwa , K. Venkata Krishna , S .K. Dubey, and R. Taliyan (2021). Development and validation of RP-HPLC method for quantification of repaglinide in mPEG-PCL polymeric nanoparticles: QbDdriven optimization, force degradation study, and assessment of in vitro release mathematic modeling”. Microchemical Journal: (IF=5.30)
  19. Taliyan R, Kakoty V. KC Sarathlal, Kumari S (2021). Fibroblast Growth Factor 21 and Autophagy Modulation Ameliorates Amyloid β-Induced Alzheimer Disease Pathology in Rats. Alzheimer's and Dementia.Proced:;17, e058674 IF = 21.25)
  20. Violina K, KC Sarathlal, Sunil K Dubey, Chih H. Yang, Sandhya A Marathe. Rajeev Taliyan (2021). Epigenetic Regulation and Autophagy Modulation Debilitates Insulin Resistance Associated Alzheimer Disease Condition in Rats. Metabolic Brain Disorder- Accepted (IF= 3.54)
  21. Pradhan R. Taliyan R.Singhvi G, KhadgawatR, Kachhawa.G, Dubey S.K (2021).Bioanalytical methodologies for clinical investigation of endocrine-disrupting chemicals: a comprehensive update. Bioanalysis: (1): (IF=2.69). 
  22. Back Cover of Journal: G.Wadhwa, K.V Krishna, R. Taliyan, N Tandon, Satyapal S Yadav, D. Banerjee, A Narwaria, C K Katiyar, S.K Dubey (2021).Preclinical pharmacokinetics of Trigonelline using ultra‐performance liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry and pharmacological studies targeting type 2 diabetes.Separation Science Plus. Wiley:
  23. Violina K, KC Sarathlal, Sunil K Dubey, Chih H. Yang, Prashant K, Rajeev Taliyan (2021). The gut-brain connection in the pathogenicity of Parkinson disease: Putative role of autophagy Neuroscience Letters.753: 135865 (IF=3.20)
  24. Zeeshan F, Madheswaran T, Jithendra P , Taliyan R, Kesharwan (2021). Human serum albumin as multifunctional nanocarrier for cancer therapy. Journal of Pharmaceut Sci (Accepted) (IF-3.58)
  25. Violina K, KC Sarathlal, Sunil K Dubey, Chih H. Yang, Rajeev Taliyan (2021)  Neuroprotective Effect of Trehalose and Sodium Butyrate on Preformed Fibrillar Form of Alpha-Synuclein Induced Rat Model of Parkinson Disease" ACS Chemical Neuroscience (Accepted) (IF= 5.0)
  26.  S. Gorantla, G. Wadhwa, S. Jain, S. Sankar, K. Nuwal, A. Mahmood, S.K Dubey, R.Taliyan,P Kesharwani, G.Singhvi (2021). Recent advances in nanocarriers for nutrient delivery.  Drug Delivery and Translational Research. DOI: 10.1007/s13346-021-01097-z  (IF=5.61)
  27. Violina K, KC Sarathlal, Sunil K Dubey, Chih H. Yang, Prashant K, Rajeev Taliyan (2021). Lentiviral mediated gene delivery as an effective therapeutic approach for Parkinson disease. Neuroscience Letters.750: 135769 (IF=3.20)
  28. Sarathlal K C, Violina Kakoty, Sandhya Marathe, Deepak Chitkara,Rajeev Taliyan (2020). Exploring the  neuroprotective potential of rosiglitazone embedded nanocarrier system on streptozotocin induced mice model of Alzheimer disease, Neurotoxicity Research (IF=3.98)
  29. Pradhan,R, K V Krishna Wadhwa.G Taliyan.R, Khadgawat.R, Kachhawa.G Singhvi G, Dubey S.K  (2020): QbD-driven development and validation of HPLC method for determination of Bisphenol A and Bis-sulphone in environmental samples. Int J of Environl Analytical Chem: 100(1): 42-54 (IF=1.6)
  30. Violina Kakoty, KC Sarathlal, Ruei-D un Tang, Chih Hao Yang, Sunil Kumar Dubey, Rajeev Taliyan(2020).Fibroblast growth factor 21 and autophagy: A complex interplay in Parkinson disease. Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy,127: 110145 (IF=7.42)
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