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PS-II Components

Practice Makes Perfect


Various aspects of the Practice School programme such as the evaluation criteria and the operations are detailed below.

  • Evaluation Components

    Diary - 5%
    Observation - 15%
    Project Report - 25%
    Group Discussion - 15%
    Seminar/ Viva - 25%
    Quiz - 15% 

  • Operation


    The Practice School-II programme begins with the registration of students at their stations on the first day of the PS-II. This is like registration for courses on campus with the difference that the entire process is carried out at the off-campus PS-II station.


    An orientation programme is organized once the registration is over. The main objective of this is to familiarize students with the different facets of the organization and acquaint themselves to the nature of work done in different sections / departments of the organization.


    Within a week of the registration, the PS faculty distributes handouts to all the students. A handout contains all the details of evaluation components with the dates on which these would be conducted.

    Allotment of Projects

    The orientation, which usually lasts for two weeks, is followed by allotment of projects from the ones listed in the problem bank. The professional expert from the host organization here acts as the consultant and guide. These projects are of direct relevance to the host organization. Therefore active involvement of professional experts assumes greater importance.


    Throughout the PS-II programme the work of the students is closely monitored. The PS faculty conducts quizzes, group discussions, seminars and invites the professional expert's critical views on these evaluation components. These components enable the PS faculty to assess those latent attributes in students which do not normally surface in the class room. Observation and diary, for instance, enable the faculty to evaluate the student's total professional personality, his approach towards problem solving, and his ability to take initiatives, plan his work and meet the deadlines.


    Feedback constitutes a unique feature of the PS system of education because the aim of various components of evaluation is not merely to evaluate the students' various personality traits but to also help them in improving upon these traits. Therefore, after each component of evaluation has been conducted the PS faculty gives feed back to the students and discusses with them, how they can overcome their drawbacks as well as strengthen their strong points.


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