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Student Theses and Projects

Student Theses / PhD Courses / Projects Supervised

PhD Theses

  • Feminist Ethics (Ashwini Ramesh Sharma) (The student has joined in Second Semester, 2021-2022 and is currently registered to do course work)
  • A Conceptual Study of the Moral Foundation of Teachers’ Rights: A Kantian Perspective (Chetna Gupta) (The PhD Research Proposal Presentation was held on April 2, 2022)
  • Understanding Managerial Perception of Corporate Social Responsibility Practices in a Public Sector Undertaking: An Empirical Study (Mohit Sharma) [Viva-voce held on August 10, 2018]
  • An Empirical Study of Effects of Online Social networking on the Wellbeing of Indian Users (Geetika Shree) [Viva-voce held on November 18, 2016]

PhD Courses

  • Existentialism (Ashwini Ramesh Sharma)
  • Ethical Theory and Applied Ethics (Baiju Anthony)
  • Selected Readings in Indian Ethics (Karthik Ramesh)
  • Ethics, Applied Ethics and Professional Ethics (Chetna Gupta)
  • Ethics, Applied Ethics, and Professional Ethics (Karthik Ramesh)
  • Existentialism (Virosh Baghel)
  • Environmental Ethics (Deewanshi Rawat)
  • Professional Ethics in Police Administration (Umesh Mishra)
  • Globalization and Consumption Culture in Urban India (Tathagato Chakraborty)
  • Gender Differences in Ethical Business Decision Making: A Justice Theory Perspective (Swarupa Deb)
  • Administrative Ethics: An Analysis of Transparency And Accountability (Mohit Sharma)
  • Positive Psychology: A Normative Basis of Happiness (Geetika Shree)
  • Study in the Area of Ethics and Positive Psychology and Its Relevance in Educational System (Geetika Shree)

PhD DAC Member

  • Self as an Aesthetic Phenomenon: An Inquiry into Nietzsche and Abhinavagupta’s Philosophies (Virosh Singh Baghel)
  • Pastoral Socio-ecological Systems in Transition: An Ethnographic Study of Gaddis of Himachal Pradesh (Aayushi Malhotra)
  • Portrayal of Women in Indian Television Advertisements: An Exploratory Study (Madhusamita Das)


First Degree Theses

First Degree Thesis is equal to one full semester work load that a student may opt for in the last semester or year of his degree program.
  • Philosophical and Constitutional Framework of Government (Lokesh Kadyan)
  • Deductive Argument and Inductive Argument: A Comparison (Chandrakiran GLN)  
  • Form and Validity in Logic: Application of Software (Sumit Dhingra and Diwakar Sankla)
  • Marketing Ethics and Profit: A Case Study of State Bank of India (Chandan Kumar)  

First Degree Projects

First Degree Projects

At BITS, Pilani faculty supervise first degree student projects, which are considered to be individually equal to a course in a semester. I have supervised many study projects and the titles of those are listed below:

·         A Study of Employee Rights (Kusum Saini and Pooja Poonia)

·         A Study on Cyber Ethics (Sourabh Nandwani and Hardik Katehara)

·         Ethics at Start-ups (Saksham Srivastava)

·         Ethics in Data Management (Naman Agarwal)

·         Euthanasia: Moral and Legal Implications (Nitya Mangal)

·         Ethics in Advertising (Varkeychan Jacob)

·         Whistle Blowing (Balivada Aashish and Neeraj Karumanchi)

·         A Study of Social Media and Ethics (Lavanya Soni)

·         Ethics of Capital Punishment (Paritosh Sharma)

·         Role of Enlightenment in Philosophy and Ethics (R Thapasvvin)

·         Philosophy and Ethics of Artificial Intelligence (Aryan Mehra)

·         A Study of Happiness (Lakshya Kwatra)

·         Marketing and Advertising (Pradeep Saini)

·         Philosophy of Buddhism and Its Impact Throughout the Ages (Kaustav Dutta)

·         Immanuel Kant: Consciousness, Morals and Religion (Shubhank Jain)

·         Understanding Some Select Issues in Indian Philosophy (Katta Siva Kumar)

·         A Study of Select Philosophical Perspectives and Their Applications (Kunda Satyanarayana)

·         A Philosophical Study of the Role of Ethical Values in the Indian Education System (Likitha Madala)

·         An Account of the Relation between Professional Ethics and Professional Work Experience (Pratim Pathak)

·         Understanding the Philosophical Bases of Moral Identity (Aayush Agarwal)

·         A Study of Chanakya’s Arthashastra and Its Relevance in 21st Century (Vinay U Pai)

·         Ethics in Indian Civil Services (Somil Sharma)

·         Subversive Feminism in 21st Century Electronic Media Narratives: An Ethical Perspective (Akshaya)

·         A Study of Ethical Practices in Students’ Lives (Manas Luthra & Prateek Bothra)

·         Ethical Analysis of Deception in Business (Vishal Patil)

·         Analysis of Indian Mythological Character in the Ethics (Sanjana Patil)

·         Ethical, Social and Psychological Aspects of Advertising (Anirudh Karve)

·         A Study of Professional Ethics in Software Industry (Aman Agarwal)

·         Euthanasia – A Moral Dilemma (Shraddha Maslekar)

·         Right to Life – A Comparative Study of Abortion and Euthanasia in India (Shruti Verma)

·         A Study of Metaphysical Basis of Good Life: An Examination of Aristotle’s Arguments (Anvisha Singh)

·         The Philosophy of Revolution (A Eshwar Ram and Jyotiroop Das)

·         A Study of Ethics in Trading and Stock Market (Aakash Juneja & Ketul Mathuria)

·         A Philosophical Study of Societal Relations (M Ajay Shrinivas)

·         A Study of Aristotle’s Politics (Mintoo Rai)

·         Taking Baby Steps as A Philosopher (Palvatla Shashikanth Reddy)

·         Just and Unjust War (Akshansh Deva)

·         Can Th?r? b? a Univ?rsal Moral Cod??  (Sparsh Mah?shwari)

·         A Study of Sankara’s Advaita Vedanta (Shantanu Sanjay Nagras)

·         A Study of Rules of Inferences in Symbolic Logic (KSM Deepak & Tavva Yaswanth)

·         A Study of Fallacies in Symbolic Logic (Aniruddh Vudayagiri)

·         Study of Different Methods for Determining Validity of Arguments (Gurana Sandeep)

·         Changing Ideologies Affecting the Public Administration in India (Sameer Anand)

·         A Study of Aristotle on Ethics and Politics (Kalyan Kumar)

·         An Analysis of Epistemological, Theological and Metaphysical Theories of Prominent Western and Indian Philosophical Schools (Achal Gupta)

·         An Objective Analysis, Definition, Properties and Implications of the Concept of Truth (Shashank V Rao)

·         Urbanization: A Study of Child Labour in Pilani (Babita Rathore & Anshu Saini)

·         A Social Perspective of Indian Diaspora Relations (Thoram Sriharsha & Ch. S. N. Malleshwara Rao)

·         Impact of Technology on Society (Anirudh Mallem & Anvesh Gunturu)

·         Critical Analysis of VisistAdvaita Vedanta in Present Society (Shatroopa Acharya)

·    Improving Organizational Ethical Behaviour in The Conduct of Business (Naramsetti Praneeth Kumar)

·         Critical Thinking: A Logical Perspective (Vidisha Singhal & Poonam Verma)

·         Leadership Lessons from Bhagwad Gita (Sowmya Lingamneni)

                  ·         Business Ethics: Internet Marketing (Kalyani Joshi)

      ·         Meaning and Relevance of God and Soul in Contemporary Society (Himanshu Ahuja)

      ·         Normative Analysis of Indian Democracy (N. Sai Ram Srivatsa)

      ·         Impact of Indian Philosophy on the Culture and Religion of India (Niti Shekhar)

      ·         Causation and Probability in Induction (Manogna Lakshmi N.)

    ·         A Study on Computer Ethics: A Special Emphasis on Gray Hat Hacking (Sarveswar Reddy T & Abhinay P)

      ·         Technology for Masses (Prakhar Agrawal & Shashank Sharma)

      ·         Marketing Ethics: Social Effects of Advertising (G Anudeep Reddy)

      ·         A Study of Philosophical Ideas of Nietzsche On Life, Culture, Morality and Art (Animesh Mishra)

   ·         Rights of Stake Holders - A Special Focus On Employer-Employee Relation (Rakesh Reddy Solipuram)

      ·         Rights of Stakeholders - A Special Focus On Employer-Employee Relation (Bhargava Kalwa)

      ·         Business Ethics – A Case Study Method (Yadu Rao)

      ·         Corporate Social Responsibility (Pulkit Kapoor)

      ·         Value Innovation and Value Leadership in Global Business (Rahul Piplani)

      ·         A Report on Vedic Literature (Pawan)

      ·         Management Ethics and its Importance for Professionals (Vuppala Deepak)

      ·         A Philosophical Analysis of Addiction (Satavahana Reddy)

      ·         Ethical Evaluation of Advertising in Electronic and Print Media (Santhosh Vishwanath B & Jeevan Babu)

      ·         Business Ethics: Ethics of Marketing - (Selvamani M S)

      ·         Ethics in Advertising (K R Srikumar)

      ·         Code of Ethics for BITS Pilani (Sriram K S & Sivaram S)

      ·         Ethical Analysis of Customer Relations (Pisal Sagar Atmaram)

      ·         Marketing with A Conscience: Ethics of Online Marketing (Jawalgaonker Narsinha Rangrao)

      ·         Logic and the Law (Neerumalla Ramya)

      ·         Managerial Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (Kothuri Sahitya)

      ·         Ethics in Medical Research (G Aurabindo)

      ·         Ethical Analysis of TV Advertising (K Grishma)

      ·         A Value Based Analysis of Customer Relationship Management (Putigampu Swathi)

      ·         Engineering Ethics: With Special Reference to Environment (Manasa Ranjitha Alla)

      ·         Business Ethics: A Special Focus on Marketing (Madineni Sravanthi)

      ·         Business Ethics: A Code of Ethics (Guduri Padmaswarna )

      ·         Managers in Ethical Dilemma (D Swapna Priya and V Chandra Sekhar)

      ·         A Study of Ethical Requirements in Information Technology (Sirisha Ponugupati)

      ·         Business Ethics: Investor Protection in Financial Markets (Voruganti Rajesh)

      ·         A Study of the Nature of Mind and Behavior: A Special Focus On Applications in Real Life (Makara Jyothi G)

      ·         Ethical Nature of Humans (Sravanthi Gutta)

      ·         Ethical Use of Internet in Educational Institutions (Preeti Sharma)

      ·         Rights of Stakeholders (Priyanka Chauhan)

      ·         Deceptive Advertising: An Ethical Issue (Saadiya Fareheen)

      ·         Moral Benefits of Advertising (S Parthiban)

      ·         Internet and Society (V V Lakshmi Chunduru)

      ·         Mind-Body Dualism (Harshvardhan Soni)

      ·         Logic and Language (Chetna Chauhan)

      ·         Business Ethics: A Few Observations (Rajan Pandey)

      ·         Managerial Ethics (C Vanisri and T Deepthi Reddy)

      ·         Corporate Social Responsibility (Voruganti Rajesh and Rajesh Kumar T)

      ·         Brain and Consciousness (Sumit Arrawatia)

      ·         An Analysis of Knowledge and its Interpretation (Arun Kumar Vats)

      ·         Role of Ethics in Assessing Employer-Employee Relation in Business (K Sowjanya)

      ·         Ethical Code for the World Wide Web (R Akila)

      ·         A Brief Study of Fallacies in Logic (Uttam S)

      ·         Deductive and Inductive Logic: A Comparison (Janardhan G)

      ·         A Brief Study of Vedic Literature (K Vidhya)

      ·         Moral Evaluation of Individual Online Behaviour (S Ranjani)

      ·         A Study of Ethical Issues in the Business World Using the Case Study Method (Basant Kumar Verma)

      ·         A Study of Good Human Life in Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics (Yatendra Verma)

      ·         Ethical Evaluation of Advertising: A Few Case Studies (P Bhanu Prakash)

      ·         Ethical Evaluation of Advertising and Customer Behaviour: A Few Case Studies (Y. Mohan Kumar)

      ·         A Study on Advaita Vedanta (Manoj Agarwal)

      ·         Developing a Courseware for Symbolic Logic (Gaurav Gaur)

      ·         Developing a Web page for Philosophy (A R K Joseph Christy)

      ·         The Value System of Advaita Vedanta (M K Chakravarthy)

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