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Sponsored Projects

Sponsored Projects

Sponsored Projects

Title: Collaborative Mobility aware Data Dissemination in Vehicular Adhoc Networks.
Funding Agency: TCS Innovation Lab;
Role: RA
PI: Dr. Neeraj Kumar (Thapar University)
Co-PI: Dr.(Prof.) Seema Bawa (Thapar University)
Cost: 14.30 Lakhs;
Duration: 2012-2016;
Status: Completed


Details: Develop a mathematical model by estimating the exact position of the nodes in the network in a particular time interval. Design algorithms for maintaining the connectivity and density estimation of the nodes. Test and validate the results obtained by the proposed strategy.
Methodology: The methodology for providing the solution to the problem of reliable data
dissemination consists of defining a prototype as per the requirement of users needs, e.g.,
the prototype consists of the mathematical formulation of finding the location and mobility of the vehicles in a particular region during different time intervals. Then various algorithms
would be proposed to solve the problem of connectivity and density of the nodes. The algorithm controls the communication among the different nodes in the network in a collaborative manner, i.e, various nodes in the network share the information such as routing decisions, mobility patterns etc. with each other so that necessary steps can be taken for smoother action in the network. Finally, the designed algorithms would be tested analytically and by simulation with respect to various parameters in comparison to the existing solutions in the literature.
The scope of the proposal: As VANETs is an emerging technology so it can be used in wide
variety of applications such as construction of ITS, home security, surveillance system, alert
generation in case of emergency in the community or on the roadside etc. All these applications require an efficient data dissemination approach along with the reliability. So the current proposal will try to solve the problems in the existing proposals such as long end to end delay in dense regions and poor connectivity in a particular geographical region.



Title: Realization of Power Saving in Network Devices through SDN
Funding Agency: BITS Pilani;
Role: PI
Cost: 1.25 Lakhs; Duration: August 2017 - October 2018; Status: On-going
Objectives: The project works with following objectives: I. Reduce the power consumption of network without impacting the quality of service. We would design our solution in such a manner that the QoS that is promised to the client will not be impacted. For that, we would take care of load balancing, extra backup paths, prioritization to those flow which is of higher priority. II. Designing a new algorithm and controller core that will assist in taking decision in real time based on quick switching between device state. Apart from an algorithm which will be based on previous history and current network condition for better performance and strategic decision, for quick switching we will implement a finite state machine with proper input/output and action condition. III. Building efficient data structure for collecting the statistic and getting useful insight without taking much time. We would focus our energy to build a data structure which will take minimum time complexity for storing and retrieving the information. Information will be stored in form of codecs so that we will also minimize the space complexity. The new data structure will be either a derivative of hash that takes constant time for action or based on the tree that takes logarithmic time for taking any decision. 


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