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We breathe life into technology centered with effective and innovative software solutions. We provide an avenue whereby the ongoing software development activity at BITS is integrated and channelized for better utilization. Currently we are working with following major projects. 

  • Projects at SDETU

    • Connect 2.0
    • Project IPv6@BITS
    • Project BITS-WearComp
    • NGNi IPv6 based Multimedia Internetwork QoS Project
    • iLabs @ BITS Pilani
    • Project NetFirst, Project iMOAT, Project iCampus
    • Project Smart One
    • IntraBITS
    • BITS Virtual University
    • Course Management Tool
    • Grid One Computing Initiative
    • Journal Server Freeware Digital Library

  • BITS WearComp

    Project BITS WearComp

    It is an initiative of the CSD, BITS Pilani in the area of Pro-active Human-Centered Computing. Objectives the project include design and development of a non-invasive, body-safe, personalized, lightweight Wearable Computing Devices that could save human lives and reduce chances of damages to critical systems.

  • iCampus Initiative BITS Pilani

    This international research, development and deployment project is the result of collaboration between the Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS), Pilani, India and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, USA on MIT?s iCampus initiative. Under the Memorandum of Understanding between the two institutions, BITS-Pilani has been designated as an iCampus Hub Institution in India. In addition to adaptation, co-development and deployment of iLabs, iMOAT and xTutor for its own students as well as helping several other interested institutions of higher learning in the country to use these resources, BITS-Pilani shall carry out joint collaborative research with researchers at MIT under the broad agreement between the two institutions. As part of the understanding, MIT-Cambridge shall also be provided access to the e-learning technology developed by BITS-Pilani in the process. Sharing of the knowledge and technology generated through this and other discussed form of collaboration with the worldwide community of learning is one of the major objectives of this effort. 

  • iLabs @ BITS Pilani

    The iCampus India initiative has been in progress for quite sometime. BITS Pilani has been working in collaboration with MIT, Cambridge since 2005 on this project. iLabs, one of the many projects under the iCampus initiative was also a part of this collaboration. Dr. Rahul Banerjee, Associate Professor CS & IS Group at BITS-Pilani and Head of the Software Development and Educational Technology Unit (SDET Unit) has been leading the project ever since it's inception. 

  • Grid One Computing

    Project Grid-One, initiative taken at CSD, BITS - Pilani, is a two-part experimental research project. In the first phase, it involves building of a medium-sized campus-wide IPv6 native support-based grid involving several involving several Server-class systems, about 3000 PCs class systems and select mobile computing devices used inside the Institute?s laboratories and faculty chambers, including quite a large number of student-owned PCs in their hostel rooms and many of the staff-owned PCs / Laptops etc. The second phase would involve connecting the resultant grid to a bigger IPv6-enabled Grid for experimentation. For the experimentation of resultant grid is being connected to "i-Charak" - A Grid enabled Healthcare Support System, which will be set atop an IPv6-enabled Grid. As many other practitioners and researchers we too feel that Grid computing may enthuse industries to invest only if the users could feel confident that the approach would guarantee them adequate data security, take care of their privacy requirements, can offer the desired quality of service and the entire system is robust, scalable and reliable.

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    Project BITS Open Student Television Network

    The Open Student Television Network (OSTN), a global channel exclusively devoted to student-produced programming, and BITS-Pilani have partnered to bring OSTN?s student-made programming video material from all over the world to the India-based campuses of BITS-Pilani. At the moment, BITS is planning on delivering the select OSTN content initially through the internal web-based portal and a Video-on-Demand system over its IPv6-enabled internetwork. BITS intends to begin at Pilani campus and gradually extent it to all its campuses in India via the Internet. OSTN multicasts short- and feature-length films, documentaries, performing arts, news and cultural programs. Students create content and make programming decisions necessary for the network to appeal to its peer-viewing audience. It also provides students with resources, community, exposure and experience.

  • Project IPv6

    Identification and solution of the Quality of Service issues, benchmarking and roadmap for IPv6-oriented NGN Multimedia Internetworks are the primary objectives of the project. These objectives shall be fulfilled in the six months in a structured manner. The major challenge to the QoS group is to combine various mechanisms and protocols for attaining the desired degree of Quality-of-Service over these Next Generation Networks.

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  • BITS Virtual University

    The Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani is an All-India Institute for higher education deemed to be a University by the Government of India. BITS Pilani is a technological university currently offering Master's degree and Doctoral programmes in various areas of Science, Humanities, Management and various branches of Engineering & Technology. As of this writing, BITS Pilani has three full-fledged campuses at Pilani & Goa in India and at Knowledge Village, Dubai in UAE.

    These programs were initially offered to only on-campus students. However in the past decade it has had significant experience in distance learning pedagogy and instructional design. To make its model of distance learning scalable, reachable to wider audience and leverage the benefits of emerging technologies, BITS conceived and designed the BITS Virtual University (VU).

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  • Course Management Tool

    This tool has been made available for the instructor's-in-charge as well as the co-instructor's who have been authorized by the instructor-in-charge. This tool enables the instructor to Upload marks, generate histograms, calculate grades etc. This in turn minimize time required and maximize producitvity. 

  • IntraBITS

    This project enables the student to view the courses to which he has enrolled. This contains all the information about marks, assigments, submissions made etc. for every course being conducted at the campus. 

Latest News

BITS WearComp
It is an initiative of the CSD, BITS Pilani in the area of Pro-active Human-Centered Computing

Project Tiny6-STIC Wireless Sensor Network
Funded by French ministry of Foreign Affairs, INRIA, Telecom-ParisTech, Telecom Bretagne

Projects at SDETU

  • Project Embryo

    Embryo is a project to foster strong collaboration of BITS students and BITS faculty with the alumni and friends of BITS Pilani.

  • IPv6

    2Quality of Service Directions, Benchmarking and Roadmap for IPv6-oriented NGN Multimedia Internetworks  

  • Project BITS-WearComp

    It is an initiative of the CSD, BITS Pilani in the area of Pro-active Human-Centered Computing.

  • Nalanda

    Digital Life Intitiative at BITS Pilani

  • iCampus

    Joint Collaborative research by BITS Pilani and MIT USA

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