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The labs in the Department of Chemical Engineering are fully equipped with the experimental set-ups which supplement courses taught in classroom for First Degree and Higher Degree students. The labs are also equipped with equipment brought in through funding from research projects which forms a strong foundation for research in the Department.The laboratories with respective equipment are listed below:


Process Control/ CAD/ CRE Lab

Sr.No. Name of the equipment/software
1 Temperature control Trainer
2 Pressure Control Trainer
3 DCS Trainer
4 Multiprocess Trainer
5 PLC Trainer
6 Interacting and Non-Interacting System
7 Flapper Nozzle System
8 Control Valve Characteristics
9 First and Second Order System
10 Valve positioner
11 CHEMCAD, COMSOL software
12 Cascade CSTR
13 Plug Flow Reactor
14 RTD of Packed bed reactor

Measurement Techniques-2 Lab

Sr No. Name of the equipment/apparatus
1 Bernoulli's Theorem Apparatus
2 Thermal Conductivity of Composite Walls
3 Reynolds Apparatus
4 Flow Measurement
5 Temperature Measurement
6 Pressure Test Bench
7 Viscometer Bath-Holder
8 Ostwald Viscometer
9 Redwood Viscometer
10 Saybolt Viscometer
11 Analog Viscometer
12 Portable De-Ioniser Unit

Mass Transfer Lab

Sr. No.

Name of the equipment/apparatus


Mass Transfer with & without Chemical Reaction


Solid In Air Diffusion


Vapour In Air Diffusion


Wetted Wall Column


Liquid-Liquid Extraction in Packed Bed


Leaching Experiment


Packed Bed Absorption


Packed Bed Distillation


Steam Distillation


ABBE Refractometer


Vapour Liquid Equilibrium

Material Synthesis Lab

Sr. No. Name of the equipment/apparatus
1 KBr Press (M-15)
2 Two-Probe Resistivity Setup
3 Analytical Balance
4 Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath
5 High Temperature Furnace
6 Oven
7 LCRQ Meter
8 Magnetic Stirrer
9 Mechanical Stirrer
10 Spin coater
11 Ozonator
11 Ozone Destructor
12 Ozone Monitor

Analytical Lab

Sr. No. Name of the equipment/apparatus
1 Spin coater
2 Spectrophotometer
3 Ion meter
4 Potentiometric titrator
5 COD Digester
6 SEM Analysis
7 Safety Pipette filler
8 Barometer
9 Thermoreactor

Selected Chemical Engineering Operations Lab

Sr. No. Name of the equipment/apparatus
1 Hot Air Oven
2 Swenson Walker Crystallizer
3 Anemometer
4 Filter Cloth for Plate & frame Filter Press
5 Jaw Crusher
6 Froth Floatation
7 Fortins Barometer
8 Basket Centrifuge
9 Vacuum Tray Drier
10 Adsorption
11 Roll Crusher
12 Ball Mill (With Three Prefixed Speeds)
13 Cyclone Separator
14 Forced Draft Tray Dryer
15 Thickener
16 Sedimentation Apparatus
17 Cone Classifier
18 Rotary Vacuum Filter
19 Plate & Frame Filter Press
20 Gyratory Sieve Shaker
21 Rotap Sieve Shaker

Process Equipment and Techniques Lab

Sr. No. Name of the equipment/apparatus
1 Rotary vaccum pump- oil type
2 Multi mode membrane separation unit
3 UASB two stage reactor for anaerobic digestion
4 Membrane Evaluation Unit
5 Pervaporation set up
6 Fractional Distillation column

Analytical Equipment


Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

Process Control Lab

Process Trainer

Test rig I

DST - FIST, Phase Equilibrium Lab


Vapor Liquid Equilibrium Test rig

DST - FIST, Phase Equilibrium Lab


Phase equilibrium & Supercritical Fluid Extraction unit

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