About the TLC

The Institute has set up Teaching Learning Centre (TLC). It will be involved in improving the overall teaching - learning environment at BITS Pilani and headed by a Professor-in-charge, who will be supported by Faculty-in-charges from all the four campuses of BITS Pilani. There will be a few nucleus members in each campus to support the Faculty-in-charge. The Centre will carry out research on innovative teaching pedagogy, collection of good practices of teaching learning from all over the world and disseminate among the faculty, conduct intensive teaching workshops and invite experts from India and abroad to deliver lectures on relevant topics.

According to the notification issued by the Office of the Registrar of the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani dated 10 June 2015 (Ref. No. N/3), the Teaching-Learning Centre (hereinafter referred to by the acronym TLC) “will be involved in improving the overall teaching-learning environment at BITS Pilani”.

The TLC is mandated with the specific tasks of

  • collecting the best teaching-learning practices from around the world towards disseminating these amongst the teaching-learning community at BITS Pilani
  • conducting teaching-learning workshops
  • enhancing scholarship on the teaching-learning processes

TLC Events

International Conference on Best Teaching Practices for Engaged Student Learning (February 13-15, 2020). Read More