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University Industry Linkages Division

Innovate. Achieve. Lead.
  • About us

    Practice School :


    Practice School is an educational innovation seeking to link industry experience with university instruction. The effort is to orient education so as to (i) meet the rapidly changing needs and challenges of a professional workplace, (ii) enable students to acquire learning by applying the knowledge and skills they possess, in unfamiliar, open-ended real life situations, and (iii) bear an economic relevance to society. These objectives are achieved by bringing the reality of the world of work into the process of education, thereby creating the required setting for experiential and cooperative learning and education, and making students work on relevant assignments, with the guidance of professional experts, and under the supervision of faculty. Practice School thus serves as a platform that facilitates and promotes partnership and intellectual exchange between academia and industry.

    WILP :


    Off-Campus Work-Integrated Learning Programmes: BITS has very strong presence in the domain of continuing education for employed professionals, with over 19,000 students registered in various off-campus work-integrated learning degree programs. Organizations interested in associating with BITS Pilani to promote industry relevant education system and to enhance their innovation and growth through human reseources development may contact us. For more details please logon to : 


  • Activities

    • Practice School – I
    • Practice School – II
    • Work Integrated Learning Programmes(W.I.L.P)

  • Salient Features

    Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Pilani introduced the PS programme in 1973 for all disciplines across the Institute. Though PS programme began in 1973 with merely 12 students and 4 faculty members at HINDALCO, Renukoot, it has been growing at a steady speed ever since.
    •   Institutionalized linkage between University and Industry
    •  Applicable to all degree programs.
    •  Integral part of the curriculum.
    •  Student involvement in real-life projects.
    • Continuous internal evaluation system.
    • Monitoring and evaluation by resident faculty member.
    • Jointly coordinated at Pilani campus.

  • Practice School-I (PS-I)

    Practice School-I (PS-I) of eight weeks duration, is offered during the summer after the students have completed two years of course work, which consists of a judicious mix of Mathematics, Sciences, Technical Arts, Analysis and Application Oriented Courses, Engineering Science and Humanities. PS-I is primarily exposure-oriented program which is graded for five units as it is an integral part of the curriculum. PS-I provides a comprehensive first exposure to professional workplace, to learn organization structure and function, to develop personality traits, and to enhance communication and presentation skills.

  • Practice School-II (PS-II)

    Concept: Practice School-II, of five and a half months duration, carrying twenty units credit, is operated round the year, July to December and January to June. This judicious planning makes available a continuous stream of well-prepared students to work on developmental projects in industry. Since the students participate in, and contribute to live projects, they are supported by a stipend and/or other facilities such as accommodation, travel reimbursement, etc.

    Aim: PS-II is directed towards providing an opportunity to students to experience the world of work, by participating in live projects in industry, even before they graduate. Apart from the academic benefits, this also serves to hone their problem solving skills, and build team spirit, initiative, and leadership skills, which makes the eventual transition to the professional world smoother and faster.

    Methodology: After a brief orientation, the students are involved directly in addressing the identified problems, generally of multidisciplinary nature, of direct relevance to the host organization. The students are encouraged to work independently, under the technical guidance of a professional expert, and the general guidance of the faculty, and are periodically required to defend the technical aspects of their work through written and oral presentations. Emphasis is laid on the importance of teamwork, developing leadership qualities, and on the need for effective time management.

    Allotment Process: The participating organization sends information (Problem Bank) regarding the list of assignements/projects with details of skill sets and the number of students required, the facilties which include the details of stipend and other supports provided by the organizations. The above information is made available to the students and based on this information; the students submit their preferences for the various projects and organizations. The allotment of students is done by matching the project requirements with students’ profiles, keeping the preferences and the merit of the students in view.

    Industry Support: While in Practice School-II, the students act like full time employee of an organization and are therefore able to devote their energies and attention completely to the tasks assigned, and ensure their completion. In part for this reason, the students are supported financially by almost all organizations. The stipend provided varies over a wide range across the sectors, and it is left entirely to the discretion of the organization. The industry support during July-Dec. 2011 is summarized in appendix-1.Foreign Stations: Over the years, PS-II has been operated at several locations outside India. These have the added dimension of providing international exposure (both at the professional and the personal levels) to the students. Typically, these organizations provide financial support adequate to take care of their travel, living expenses, and medical insurance.

    Role of PS-II Faculty:

    •  Interface between the Institute and PS Station.
    • Generate problem bank for subsequent semester in consultation with organization coordinator.
    • Ensure smooth operation by being in constant touch with the students, project mentors, and coordinator.
    • Monitor, evaluate, and grade the performance of the students.
    • Initiate PS activity in new organizations.

    Role of Professional Experts:

    • To identify suitable assignments for the students.
    • Provide necessary technical guidance in the execution of the projects.
    • Participate in the evaluation of components such as seminar, project reports, and provide inputs to the PS faculty.

    Demands of PS:

    •  Enthusiastic, result-oriented, and industrious students, with eagerness to learn.
    • Cooperation from Industry.
    • Additional infrastructure outside the campuses.
    • Efficient communication network, and information processing systems.
    • Committed and dedicated faculty.

    Benefits of PS:

    The success of the PS system is due to the cooperation from industry, the excellence of the students, and the commitment of the Institute and its faculty, with each of the stakeholders also deriving benefits, in addition to the shared expertise, and the participation of industry in the process of university education.

    Benefits to Students:
    • Learning by doing.
    • All round development.
    • Aid in career planning.
    • Experience of professional working conditions.
    • Smooth transition from campus to company.

    Benefits to Industry:

    •  Steady stream of skilled manpower provides value addition and increased productivity.
    • Human Resource Development benefits.
    • Conduit for Industrial Partnership
    • Employer Branding.
    • Access to expertise from academia.


Zynga and Yahoo sign up as Practice school stations. Mercedes-Benz and Oracle continue their partnership with BITS Pilani.

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