• A business wanting to apply advanced AI tools and techniques?
  • An industrial research lab wanting to explore research ideas, but don't have the bandwidth?
  • An organisation seeking AI-savvy students for internships?
  • Work with us on a CoLab project
  • Put together a DART (Data Analysis Response Team), with some of our Faculty
  • Work with our faculty in other flexible ways
  • 5-6-month long projects consisting of at least 1 APPCAIR faculty member, 1 or 2 students, and at least 1 member of your organisation
  • The APPCAIR team works on a project, with weekly- or biweekly meetings, and usually delivers a report, well-documented software. Several CoLabs have resulted in publications as well
  • Low costs: faculty time; Institute costs; and if incurred, travel and equipment
  • You own the IP
  • Data-Analysis Response Teams (DARTs): Team with multiple AI/ML skill-sets to provide knowledge-services on applications of AI/Data Analysis, or for AI training
  • Costs are project-based and paid to APPCAIR and the Institute (not individuals)
  • You own the IP

Some other ways to work with faculty and students:
  • BITS Practice School 2 (PS-2): a 6 month internship, spent on-site (industry), by senior undergraduate. Students are effectively employees of the industry, and are paid a stipend
  • Undergraduate Thesis: 6 months, either on-site, or on-campus. Jointly supervised by APPCAIR faculty and an industrial supervisor, On-site students often paid an internship
  • Industry-based PhDs: PhD scholars either entirely on-site (BITS Aspirant PhD Programme); or partly on-campus (part-time PhD); or fully on-campus (full-time PhDs) on a industry-sponsored fellowship
  • Individual consultancies. These are the usual form of consultancy. Costs are paid to BITS and APPCAIR faculty according to mutually acceptable rates and Institute polcies of involvement (usually about 3 days a month)
  • IP in some of these cases may be jointly owned by you and BITS
Professors of Practice:
  • Leading Institutes across the world have started to hire distinguished Industry Professionals/Experts as Professors of Practice to incorporate the best set of Industry practices within an academic framework. The main objective is to enrich and align its students to face and resolve the real-world problems.

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