Research Interests
→ Learning in first-order logic
→ Neuro-symbolic learning
→ Explainable ML
→ Applications to Life Sciences, Drug-Design,etc.

Research Interests
→ Mathematical Morphology
→ Machine Learning
→ Remote Sensing

Research Interests
→ Computational Biology
→ Small molecule drug discovery
→ Application of AI in Biological systems

Research Interests
→ Machine Learned Systems
→ Cyber-physical Systems
→ Distributed Computing
→ Cloud Computing

Head APP Centre for AI Research

Research Interests
→ Theory of Deep learning
→ Parsimonious Learning
→ Metaheuristic Multiobjective Optimization
→ Chaotic Neural Nets
→ Application to Large Astronomy Data sets.

Research Interests
→ Mathematical Morphology
→ Combinatorial Optimization
→ Deep Learning

Research Interests
→ Cognitive Science
→ Human Concept Learning
→ Data Analysis
→ Applns of Bayesian Modeling

Research Interests
→ Bioinformatics and Computational biology
→ Data-driven disease biology
→ Applications of AI in Biological systems

Research Interests
→ Deep Learning
→ Neuro-Symbolic Learning
→ Machine Learning
→ Stochastic Optimisation

Research Interests
→ ML and AI for Mobile Sensing
→ Smart Buildings
→ Performance of WiFi Networks
→ Application of ML and AI on time-series data


Research Interests
→ Deep Learning
→ Sentiment Image, Voice, Text Analysis
→ Customer Behavior Understanding
→ Machine Learning
→ Text mining
→ AI Applications to enhance marketing

Research Interests
→ Image Processing and Computer Vision
→ Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Applications
→ Stability Analysis of System


Research Interests
→ Machine Learning
→ Deep Learning
→ Cognitive Computing
→ Biometrics
→ Secure ML

Research Interests
→ Internet of Things Security
→ Healthcare Applications
→ Blockchain for Industry 4.0
→ UAV / Drone Networks
→ Blockchain and AI for 5G Network Management
→ IoT, Blockchain and ML for VANETs and V2G
→ Using AI, Blockchain and IoT for mitigating impact of COVID-19

Research Interests
→ Scalable AI/ML
→ AI/ML Models for Time Series Data
→ Multi-model Knowledge Graphs
→ Application to Genomic Sequence Assembly
→ Predictive Maintenance

Research Interests
→ Federated Learning, Private AI, Edge AI
→ Applications of AI
→ HPC solutions for AI
→ Querying Surveillance Videos


Research Interests
→ Data Mining
→ Medical Informatics

Research Interests
→ Edge AI
→ ML for Sense Making from Multimodal Data Streams
→ Applications in Environmental Monitoring and Mental Well Being

Research Interests
→ Software Analytics
→ Defect Prediction Models
→ Deep Learning

Research Interests
→ Theoretical & Computational Neuroscience
→ Understanding Deep Networks

Contact Us

Prof. Snehanshu Saha
Professor-CS&IS and Head- (APPCAIR),
BITS PILANI K K Birla Goa Campus
Senior Member-IEEE, Senior Member-ACM, Fellow-IETE
BITS Pilani, K.K. Birla Goa Campus
+91 832 2580 855
BITS Pilani K K Birla Goa Campus